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Disability-Related Accommodations

A reasonable accommodation is a change, modification, or adjustment to a policy, program, service, facility, or workplace that enables individuals with disabilities to participate and enjoy the same rights and privileges as others. We have included, below, a list of resources and contact information for applicants, faculty, staff, students, third-parties, patients, and visitors of the University who are seeking information regarding disability-related accommodations.

Workplace Accommodations

To request workplace accommodations, current employees of the Academic Division and UVA Health should refer to the Procedures for Employees with Disabilities to Request Workplace Accommodations.

EOCR also established the Disability Accommodation Fund to assist departments in covering the cost of providing reasonable workplace accommodations for employees.

Application and Interview Accommodations

To request a disability-related accommodation for the application or interview process, contact the ADA Coordinator at

Academic Accommodations

Students seeking accommodations should contact the Student Disability Access Center. However, Law School students should refer to the Law School Disability Accommodation Policy.

Housing Accommodations

Students requesting on-grounds housing accommodations should contact the Student Disability Access Center.

For individuals seeking housing accommodations, all non-student requests for service and emotional support animals to reside in on-Grounds housing are processed by the ADA Coordinator.

Third-Party Accommodations

To request reasonable accommodations, third-parties should refer to the Procedures for Third Parties with Disabilities to Request Reasonable Accommodations.

Patient and Visitor Accommodations

UVA Health offers Services for People with Disabilities, which include free interpretation and translation services for patients and families.

Service Animals

Service animals can serve as a reasonable accommodation for any of the disability-related accommodations listed above. For more information, please refer to the University of Virginia's Academic Division Policy SEC-044: Use and Access of Service Animals, Service Dogs in Training, and Emotional Support Animals on University Property or in Respect to University Programs and Activities and UVA Health's Policy 0338: Service Animals for Patients and Visitors.