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IF YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE CRISIS, CALL 911.   Report an Incident


Resources For Employees

Employees are urged to seek emotional support after any incident of Prohibited Conduct. There are a number of confidential sources for crisis and ongoing counseling both on Grounds and in the local community. More information about such confidential counseling and support is set forth in the Resource and Reporting Guide for Employees ("Employee Resource Guide") and in this Chart of Confidential Resources.

Community counselors and health-care providers are not subject to the University policy and are not required to share information with the University unless the employee requests the disclosure and signs a consent or waiver form. While these providers may maintain confidentiality with regard to the University, they may have reporting or other obligations under state law. 

The Resource and Reporting Guide for Employees also provides information about legal resources that may help employees explore and understand their legal rights and options--both criminal and civil--following an incident of Prohibited Conduct.