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Hiring and Recruiting Individuals with Disabilities

  • DARS - The Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services has an office in Charlottesville and currently works with over 800 clients in the area. The agency partners with several entities to provide employment services to both youth and adults with disabilities. DARS staff (view staff directory PDF) can complete job analyses, ergonomics assessments, disability awareness and workforce development services. Contact the Charlottesville office at 434-296-5621 to speak with a vocational counselor about highlighting your position with their service or to connect employees with their programs. DRS also has a strong partnership with the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center located in Fishersville.
  • WRP - The Workforce Recruitment Program for college students with disabilities is a free resource through which businesses and federal agencies nationwide can identify qualified temporary and permanent employees from a variety of fields. Employers may submit position descriptions online through a WRP request form and should expect to receive matched candidates for consideration within five business days. This program is provided through the Employers Assistance Resource Network.
  • JAN Workplace Accommodation Toolkit - Provides tools for multiple stakeholders and introduction to important concepts and processes.
  • EARN Inclusion@Work - Provides a framework for building a disability-inclusive organization with learning opportunities related to outreach and recruitment that will build an effective pipeline.
  • - This recruitment resources is connected to Ability magazine and is the leading web site dedicated to employment of people with disabilities. AbilityJobs is a resume bank with tens of thousands of job seekers with disabilities, from entry level candidates to PHD's. The site is fee based.
  • - The mission of GettingHired is to create sustainable employment growth and opportunity for people with disabilities. This is an online portal and social networking forum that can help identify qualified candidates. This site is fee based.
  • Vet Success - Vet Success is a program run through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. They offer services to all veterans including veterans with a disability. They sponsor hiring fairs and give employers the opportunity to post their positions.