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Equal Opportunity Compliance Reviews

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The University is committed to equal opportunity and impartiality in recruitment and hiring processes and affirmative action in its recruitment and outreach. In order to further the effective principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment, the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights (EOCR) will monitor these processes through compliance reviews to ensure accordance with applicable federal and state laws; to ensure that candidates receive equitable consideration; and to enhance the University's effort to broaden the pool of qualified applicants to include women and members of underrepresented groups.

The review is an educational and learning opportunity for both the department and EOCR in a mutual effort to ensure compliance in our employment practices. The compliance review is not intended to be a punitive process.

What is the review process?

Step 1: Initial Information Request
  • EOCR will notify the department in writing of the employment action to be reviewed and make an initial documentation request.
  • The Department will be notified as to whether the process will be a "focused" or "overall" review.
  • The Department will submit the requested documentation and a short narrative of their applicable employment procedures.
Step 2: In-Depth Review by EOCR

EOCR will conduct an in-depth review of all documents and conduct interviews with appliable personnel to prepare a summary for review with the department.

Step 3: Recommendations
  • EOCR will submit the summary and any accompanying recommendations to the department.
  • EOCR and the Department will meet to review the information and work to develop any necessary action plans.

EOCR will follow-up with the department within 3-6 months of the original compliance review to assess progress made toward implementing recommendations and process changes. The follow-up may be limited to an examination of process changes or, at EOCR’s discretion, an in-depth compliance review of an employment activity conducted during the intervening period. EOCR will perform an in-depth compliance review if it has received a complaint or contact, if there has been significant hiring volume during the period, or if insufficient progress has been demonstrated in implementing process changes necessary to ensure compliance with University policies and procedures.

How does EOCR decide where to review?

EO Compliance Reviews may originate from several sources. These sources include:

  1. Random selection from all personnel actions;

  2. Requests from management;

  3. Requests from departments for assistance regarding a specific concern in an employment selection process; or

  4. Themes emerging from confidential contacts or complaints.

What will EOCR need from me?

In order to perform a successful compliance review, cooperation and communication between EOCR and the area being reviewed is important.

  • Provision of requested information regarding postings, applicant pools, interview questions, interview notes (including telephone and/or on-grounds), and documentation from hiring officials/search chair will ensure timely completion of the review.
  • Open dialogue during the compliance review meetings will enhance the relevancy and value of subsequent process recommendations.
  • Asking questions if you do not understand why certain issues were noted in the compliance review is encouraged.
  • Offering solutions to the issues raised and noting any unique challenges for your areas will greatly inform the final recommendations.

How long will the EO Compliance review take?

EO Compliance reviews can last from one or two days to several months. EOCR will give you a reasonable estimate of the time needed to complete the review, after the planning phase is finished. Active participation and prompt responses will impact the overall timeframe for completing the review.

Will the review disrupt my department's everyday activity?

Like any special project, a compliance review affects the department's routine to some extent. EOCR will make every effort to minimize this disruption and cooperate with you to ensure a smooth process.

Who will receive the compliance review notice and findings document?

The individual on record as the hiring official will receive the compliance review notice and findings document. Additionally, the Human Resources contact and the head of the department in which the hiring event occurred will be copied on the correspondence.


The Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights is authorized to conduct compliance reviews under the following sections of The University’s Code of Ethics approved October 2, 2004 by the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia.

1. We perform our public responsibilities, services and activities ethically, competently, efficiently and honestly, in keeping with University policy and applicable law.

6. We are committed to the principles of federal and state law guaranteeing equal opportunity and nondiscrimination with respect to University services, programs, activities and employment, and we support an environment that respects the rights and opinions of all people which, in the words of our founder, promote “the illimitable freedom of the human mind.” Complaints of discrimination, harassment and retaliation are investigated and when warranted appropriate corrective action is taken and disciplined in accordance with University policy and applicable law.

10. We bring to the attention of supervisors and managers, the University auditor or other responsible University office, any violation of these principles or circumstances reasonably indicating that a violation has occurred or may occur. Such reporting in good faith in order to promote the ethical integrity of operations is expected and encouraged by the University, and retaliation by any University employee as a result against the person making such good faith report shall be subject to disciplinary action. We appropriately investigate all such reports and, when warranted by the facts, require corrective action and discipline in accordance with University policy and state law.